HALS Challenge

HALS Certificate 2016

Each year HALS offers a documention challenge.  In 2016 the challenge was to complete a HALS short format history to document the landscapes of the National Register of Historic Places. 

 The Arizona Chapter of the Historic American Landscapes Survey received FIRST PLACE for their documentation of the Empire Ranch. To download a copy of this survey, click here.

For the 8th annual HALS Challenge, we invite you to document a historic city or town park. In 2016, the NationalPark Service celebrated its Centennial with the FIND YOUR PARK movement to spread the word about the amazing national parks and the inspirational stories they tell about our diverse cultural heritage. Find Your Park is about more than just national parks! It's also about local parks and the many ways that the American public can connect with history and culture and make new discoveries. With more than 80% of Americans living in urban areas, urban parks are becoming more important than ever. There are many fascinating historic city and town parks in all 50 states.

Empire Ranch 1



                  Kinishba Ruins, White Mountain Apache Reservation